We are Catherine Hutchins and Francesca Johnson, Therapeutic Counsellors and Co-Founders of The Therapy Collective, a busy Counselling & Psychotherapy agency in the centre of Plymouth.

We are dedicated to the cause of helping people recognise and understand what is at the root cause of their psychological and emotional discomfort and pain. Once recognised we work collaboratively with the person(s) to facilitate the enhancement of inner strength, self-compassion and resilience to life's changes and challenges, leading to a more peaceful and content experience of living.

We know that no single therapeutic approach is the right one for everybody and wanted to be able to meet the needs of as many people as we could coming to us for help. With this is mind we founded The Therapy Collective, which enables us to work with a varied team of associates offering different approaches in their work such as Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, EMDR and Hypno-birthing to name but a few. 

We, and the associates, also offer group work and training. The group work is around specific difficulties such as bereavement, anxiety management and depression management. The groups will be small and intimate in number within a confidential and comfortable setting. The training will be designed to meet the continual professional developmental training needs of qualified Counsellors and Therapists and there will also training and workshops for student counsellors.

We are also very excited about the partnership that has been established between us and our first charity, HeartsWell, who offer funded counselling for heart patients and their families and we are one of the partner counselling agencies to help them deliver that service. They also do amazing work fundraising for and providing defibrillators to be placed in as many public places as possible to aid those in cardiac arrest. 

For more information please feel free to explore the website or call us for a chat.


About Us

Catherine Hutchins - BACP Registered Integrative Counsellor

Catherine Hutchins - BACP Registered Integrative Counsellor

Catherine Hutchins - BACP Registered Integrative Counsellor


Hello there…My work and my passion involves being able to counsel, support and guide people to realising a more content way of life for them. It is for this reason that 12 years ago I decided to alter my career direction from pharmacy to counselling and undertook 4 years of study to qualify as an Integrative counsellor. It was through my pharmacy position that I realised how much I genuinely enjoyed helping and caring for others but I was aware that I wanted to have the ability and opportunity to be of help to those in need on a deeper level than my existing role would allow. 

Francesca Johnson - BACP Accredited Integrative Counsellor

Catherine Hutchins - BACP Registered Integrative Counsellor

Catherine Hutchins - BACP Registered Integrative Counsellor


Hello, I’m Francesca Johnson, an integratively trained Counselling Therapist and Trainer. I am now also England's first Functional Imagery Training (FIT) Advanced Practitioner, specialising in Permanent Weight Loss.  

I originally come from a varied background in health, beauty and fitness, having worked as a Beauty/Spa Therapist, Salon Owner and Business Consultant, Lecturer, Trainer and Assessor for City & Guilds, BTEC and NVQ as well as a Fitness and Pilates Instructor.

I embrace change and have a personal philosophy to always take a positive out of a negative…make everything count!

And yet sometimes, for anyone, life can just feel overwhelming. This may be caused by present or historic situations or you may be unaware as to the real reason why you feel unable to cope. Talking to a skilled therapist can help to alter your perception of a distressing situation and therefore greatly alleviate the worry and assist you in finding a better way forwards. I will do this in strictest confidence and within a safe, warm and welcoming environment to put you at ease while we work together to unfold yo


We work alongside some fabulous professionals here at our premises - press the link below to  discover who they are and what they can do to help you too